After Sales Services

We, Valtorque Valves KFT, supply and support our customers effectively for minor repairs and major upgrades of existing systems, Facilities and experienced engineering team, enabling us to jump into any size that is simple for us and will be done by visiting and making reports before the renovation or repair, resulting in the report include the following benefits:

New Solution
Research, design and modification
Equipment upgrades for long life

Spare Parts Management

Valtorque Valves KFT provides integrated Spare Parts Service to minimize operation downtime and optimize materials requirements and availability.

Material shortages identified during the provision of the services is procured from the most convenient source, in the most efficient manner.

Inventory of valves can be managed with dedicated software to identify critical items, critical deliveries with the aim of optimizing both spares and consumables. The inventory is kept continuously updated according to the foreseen maintenance, refurbishment and installation operations in strict conjunction with Customer needs and schedules.


Valtorque Valves KFT has program for Staff continuous training

The program foresees induction to the techniques and technology of equipment mangement, transfer of skills for system operation and maintenance, suitable for valves, actuators and crontrol systems, and includes:

Measurement and evaluation of equipment
Monitoring of the equipment main parameters
Analysis and interpretation of equipment data
Detection, location and repair of leaks
Plans for refurbishment
Installation, operation and maintenance of the equipments.