About us

Our Short Story

The company was formed in 1999 selling Valves to the Middle East market and North of Africa. From 2014, Valtorque Valves has become one of the international well-known suppliers and exporters of a comprehensive range of Valves, Valve Fittings, Actuators and Instrumental equipment.

We do the valve production of valves for Irrigation, Potable Water, Sewage network lines and catering to industries like chemical industries, water treatment plants, fertilizer units, Oil and Gas etc., and all sales/marketing of these products are by Valtorque Valves.

Our activities are Sales, design, development and production of our own range of quality valves for above-mentioned fields. We also work with a few professional producers of industrial valves, in order to complete our range. Our own brand name, Valtorque, is becoming famous in many countries. Our policy is to offer the high quality products at competitive prices.

Our organization ensures its clients with quality range of products and components with the highest international quality standards, We are certified by TÜV-International in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2016 & IMS

Our views

Our Concepts
Our Mission

“To be a leading supplier of industrial valve products, solutions & services, through customer satisfaction, superior value and product excellence.”

To achieve our mission:

We put our customers first and we provide the highest standards of quality to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.
We foster a leadership style, throughout the company, which encourages respect for individuals, teamwork and commitment to quality.
We consistently deliver a friendly, professional service through well-trained and motivated people.
We continuously follow technological developments to introduce the best possible products to suit out customer’s needs
We share in the responsibility to satisfy business objectives but we never sacrifice our ethics and integrity.

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